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Fortress Paper’s Irisafe.

With counterfeit banknotes, ID papers, and open-air admission tickets becoming increasingly easier to produce and more frequent due to technological advances in scanning and colour printing, the need for security papers that can’t be copied is on the rise. In response to this demand, Fortress Paper has developed Irisafe – a security feature that cannot […]

Russia to stop making 10-ruble banknotes

The average cost of replacing worn banknotes is causing some countries to think twice about re-producing them. In October, the Bank of Russia announced that it would stop issuing 10-ruble banknotes in 2010 because they wear out quickly and are too expensive to produce. Much like when the Canadian Toonie was introduced in 1996, a […]

VIDEO: Polymer Banknotes Around the World

With the growth of digital printing and technology, counterfeiters can reproduce paper banknotes with little knowledge or experience, and more easily and quickly than ever before. Polymer banknotes are a deterrent to the counterfeiter, as they are much more difficult and time consuming to reproduce. They are more secure, cleaner and more durable than paper […]

Energy Efficient Banknotes

We recycle paper, plastic, and glass. But did you know you could also recycle steam? At its Landqart mill in Switzerland, Fortress Paper is doing exactly that. Steam is an important component of creating paper. It’s used as a primary source of heat in the process of converting pulp to paper. While many paper mills […]

British Business Leaders Demand More Ten Dollar Banknotes

In a prime example of how the demand for banknotes is rising even in a plastic and digital age (see also: Combating Counterfeiting: A Brief History of Security Features ), the Daily Mail reported this week that British business leaders have urged the Bank of England to increase the number of £10 notes in circulation. […]

Fortress Paper Announces Record Profits

This week Fortress Paper Ltd. announced a 52 per cent rise in quarterly profits, showing that while many companies are struggling during this period of economic downturn, they are thriving. The company – which produces non-woven wallpapers as well as security and specialty papers (such as bank notes) – reported net income of $3.5 million […]

Counterfeit Money: Still Going Strong

Counterfeit money printing activity continues in several global hot-spots. Chad Wasilenkoff, CEO of banknote-maker Fortress paper, talks about where and how counterfeiters are still successfully plying their trade. In the month of October, U.S. law enforcement officials arrested people in North Carolina, Virginia and Kentucky for trying to use counterfeit money. Earlier this year, the […]

Money with a conscience: How Fortress Paper is making “green” banknotes

When a twenty-dollar bill passes from your hand into the hand of the  cashier at the grocery store, you probably don’t put much thought into where that single piece of paper currency came from or even think about how it was made. And if that’s the case, you probably aren’t wondering if the particular banknote […]