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Rayon is Fortress’s True Story

Most investors cringe and run when they learn that the company they’ve invested in is abruptly changing course. That explains why Fortress Paper shares were bruised last Friday, after the company announced that it was buying a pulp mill from a bankrupt operator in Quebec. Fortress is a smart little company that literally makes money. […]

What Is Rayon?

This week, Vancouver-based paper maker Fortress Paper announced a new venture (read “Fortress Paper Announces An Acquisition To Enter The Specialty Cellulose and Bio Energy Sectors”) acquiring a mill in Thurso, Quebec with the intention of transforming wood pulp into specialty cellulose. Derived from dissolving wood pulp to its organic core, specialty cellulose is a […]

Fortress Paper Announces an Acquisition to Enter the Specialty Cellulose and Bio-Energy Sectors

Fortress Paper Ltd. (“Fortress Paper” or the “Corporation”) (TSX:FTP), a leading producer of security and specialty papers, in a major strategic move today announces the signing of an asset purchase agreement (“APA”) to acquire the assets of a northern bleached hardwood kraft (“NBHK”) manufacturing facility located in Thurso, Quebec (the “Thurso Mill”) from Fraser Papers […]

What are RFID Chips?

Over the past few years, radio-frequency identification (RFID) chips have become a staple in information storage and protection. Generally used for tracking particular products in a retail environment, for automatic electronic payments, and for animal identification on large farms, RFID technology has been brought to the attention of the public over the past few years […]

Learning more about Landqart

Fortress Paper owns and operates two paper mills in Europe – the Dresden Mill and the Landqart Mill. Each with a specific task, the mills are responsible for Fortress’ output of paper products including wallpaper, banknotes, security paper, and more. This article takes a closer look at the Landqart Mill in Landqart, Switzerland. For over […]