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UK Unveils E-Passport With New Security Features

In an effort to fight identity theft and fraud, the UK has unveiled a new electronic passport complete with heightened security features and a revamped design. Though the previous UK passport was already equipped with a radio frequency identification (RFID) chip – the device that makes an electronic passport electronic (read more here) – the […]

New Video Podcast Educates Public About Banknote Security Features

A new video podcast series released by the United States government is aimed at helping businesses and consumers protect themselves against counterfeit currency. Initially created for the website – a site used to educate the public about the new $100 US bill – the podcasts are a visual resource in which people can learn […]

Experts Predict More Biometric Checks In Airports

Passengers looking for quicker processing times at airports around the world will be happy to know that experts in technology, defense, and travel are predicting a significant increase in biometric checks in airports around the globe in the coming years. Using devices like retina, finger and facial scans, biometric checks not only provide a speedier […]

How The EURion Constellation Protects Banknotes

It may not look like a Greek hunter, but a small pattern of symbols found on some banknotes named after one of the universe’s most prominent constellations does its best to battle counterfeiters. The EURion constellation is a pattern made up of five rings that are added to banknotes in order to prevent counterfeiters from […]

US Treasury May Change Banknotes

Several months after the unveiling of a new high-tech $100 US bill (set to be released into circulation in February 2011), the US Treasury is considering making changes to all banknotes, and has asked for public comment on their intent to do so. The changes have very little to do with the actual security of […]