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Public Urged to Pay Closer Attention After Counterfeit Seizure in Australia

After a seizure totaling nearly half a million dollars worth of fake banknotes this week, the Australian police are telling people to pay closer attention to their cash. “The notes are a very high quality,” Australian Federal Police (AFP) commander David Steward told the Sydney Morning Herald. “I do want to just encourage people to […]

Britain To Increase £5 Banknote Output

After years of encouragement by the Bank of England, merchants and consumers, Great Britain will soon see a significant increase in the amount of £5 banknotes in circulation. The move comes after a rather successful year-long pilot project undertaken by HSBC to increase the number of automated teller machines (ATMs) that distribute £5 banknotes (read […]

Retailers Increase Counterfeit Training For Black Friday

With Black Friday around the corner, retailers in New York state are being offered increased training in the detection of counterfeit money. Considered to be the official kick-off to the American holiday season and one of the busiest shopping days of the year, law enforcement officials say it is also a peak time for counterfeit […]

Easy-To-Use Technology Leading To Counterfeit Bump

It used to be a highly refined skill requiring substantial training and reserved for specialized technicians, but today counterfeiting is as easy as “the push of a button” say sources from the US federal government – and this is leading to a big jump in the amount of counterfeit banknotes in circulation. The US Secret […]

Counterfeit Seizures Up In Czech Republic

Police forces in the Czech Republic have reported an increase in seized counterfeit bills this year, saying the number of forged banknotes retrieved was up by seven per cent compared to last year. To date, Czech authorities have already seized 5,245 banknotes varying in denomination and value, but the increase doesn’t necessarily translate to an […]