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Artists Put Creative Touches On $100 US Bill

Nearly a year ago, the US Treasury Department unveiled what they were calling “the next generation one hundred” – a newly designed, high-tech $100 banknote. Set to be unveiled in February 2011, the bills were equipped with a 3D ribbon crossing the center of the bill and a colour-changing Liberty Bell alongside some other tradition […]

India To Increase Security Features on Banknotes

In an effort to reduce counterfeiting throughout the country, the government of India announced this week that they would be increasing security features on their banknotes beginning this summer. Indian Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee said in an announcement Monday that counterfeiting had become “a matter of great concern” for the country, thus the need to […]

‘Super ATM’ Could Dramatically Reduce Cash Handling Costs

A new automated teller machine (ATM) introduced in Europe last year could very well prove to be an innovation that will change banking for businesses around the world. The Q-Cash Router (QCR) – a type of “super ATM” – recycles banknotes and reduces lengthy and costly steps for businesses. Instead of taking their cash to […]

Namibia To Issue New Banknote Series

The southern African country of Namibia is joining the growing list of nations announcing a new series of banknotes in order to upgrade their security features. “Given the rapid technological advancement in the banknote industry, an array of security features is being continuously developed to provide tighter security to banknotes,” said Ndangi Katoma, the head […]

Bank of Israel Also Launches Design Contest

Nearly a week after Sweden’s central bank, Sveriges Riksbank, launched a contest asking the public to help design their upcoming series of banknotes, the Bank of Israel (BOI) is following suit. For the first time ever, the BOI is reaching out to the community for the design of their new series of banknotes that will […]

Sweden Launches Contest For Banknote Design