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Bank of Canada’s Currency Development Team At The Helm of New Banknotes

Though the Bank of Canada unveiled the first two banknotes in their upcoming polymer series last month, Canadians will still have several months to wait until the new $50 and $100 bills are introduced into circulation. Much like other currency campaigns, the Bank of Canada will use the interim months to educated banks, businesses and […]

Fortress CEO Discusses High Tech Forestry Sector On BNN

Fortress Paper Ltd. CEO Chad Wasilenkoff appeared on the Business News Network this week to talk about the resurgence of the Canadian forestry sector thanks to diversification of products and forward thinking attitudes in the industry. The forestry sector has “gone through a couple of challenging decades,” he said on Tuesday. “So we now need […]

NEW FEATURES: Laser Surface Authentication

This article is part of a continuing series that looks at security features in development for the security paper industry. Modern day banknotes are equipped with a plethora of high tech security features to prevent illegal counterfeiting. From see through windows to 3D holograms, and from microprinting to watermarks, security features not only prevent fakes […]

New Zealand Plans Potential Banknote Overhaul

For the first time in over a decade, the Reserve Bank of New Zealand is planning on introducing a new series of banknotes. “In its annual statement of intent for 2011-2014, the bank said it would soon begin planning for a new series…which would include adding new security features to prevent counterfeiting,” wrote last […]

Canadian E-Passports Delayed

Canadians expecting to acquire an electronic passport (e-passport) in the near future will have to wait just a little longer. “A proposed national roll-out of electronic passports in Canada has been pushed back for a third time,” according to a new article published by Embassy Magazine. When the plans for a national e-passport were unveiled […]

Future of Canada’s Forestry Sector is Renewable

by CHAD WASILENKOFF Push aside dated notions of our global forestry sector as dominated by lumberjacks focused solely on logging trees and processing the wood. Today’s forests are increasingly high-tech with employees skilled in biochemistry, genetics, computer modeling, satellite imagery, and digital processing. Today’s bio-economy is a dynamic global market that mirrors a paradigm shift […]