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UAE Introduces New Dh500 Banknote Into Circulation

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) will introduce a new Dh500 banknote into circulation this week equipped with new security features. Officials from the UAE Central Bank say that the new banknote was necessary not only to stay on top of counterfeit efforts in the region but also to meet the demand of a growing population. […]

Examining The Benefits Of Polymer Banknotes

This week, Canada was introduced a new $100 polymer banknote marking the first time polymer has been used for a banknote series in the country. The switch from a cotton-paper blend to the plastic substrate hybrid is a change many countries have made since 1988 because these types of banknotes contain many advantages. A big […]

Businesses Critique New Canadian Polymer Bills

Canada’s first polymer banknote officially enters into circulation today, and though they are more durable and secure, small businesses are criticizing the new notes. The problem with the new $100 banknotes lies in its design, according to Ted Brosnan, president of John Poulet Cheque Writer Service. The see-through security features could lead to problems with […]

Local Leaders Call For Cornish Currency

In the face of an economic downturn in the UK, local leaders in Cornwall say the county should develop it’s own currency to protect its economy. Ian Jones, chief executive of Volunteer Cornwall, says the move may be consider a “radical idea,” but argues the move away from the British pound could be beneficial for […]

Bank Of England Gives Public Tips On Authenticating New Banknotes

The new £50 banknote was released into circulation this week in the UK, but the Bank of England said consumers should be aware of all the new security features on the note in order to avoid any fakes. Some simple measures for verifying the authenticity of the new notes include: – checking for the unique […]