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$1M Worth of Bogus Bills Seized in BC

RCMP in Richmond, B.C. seized more than $1 million in fake Canadian $100 bills yesterday breaking up one of the largest counterfeit rings ever in the province. The bogus bills were being produced in an apartment mostly with an inkjet printer. When the RCMP arrived to raid the apartment, the process of manufacturing the bills […]

European Central Banks Look For Contingencies Should Euro End

Central Banks in Europe reportedly evaluating contingency plans for additional printing capacity should the Euro come to an end. According to an article published by, central banks throughout Europe are preparing contingency plans evaluating their needs for additional printing capacity should the euro – a singular currency shared by seventeen countries – come to […]

Fortress CEO Discusses Banknote Implications of Possible Eurozone Collapse

Fortress Paper CEO Chad Wasilenkoff appeared on BNN this week where he was asked to discuss the implications for banknotes and currencies throughout the eurozone in the face of its potential collapse. Wasilenkoff said that even though countries may pull out of the eurozone and revert back to their old currency, that process is lengthy […]

New Canadian Bills Cost Banks $100M

Canada’s new series of polymer banknotes will cost banks and financial institutions nearly $100 million according to the Bank of Canada. That price tag reflects the modifications that will need to be made to sorting and counting machines that are used across the country to handle money, says Julie Girard, spokeswoman for the Bank of […]

The Globe and Mail Investigates Canada’s Counterfeit History

As more and more Canadians find the new polymer $100 bill in their wallets and in their bank accounts – the Globe and Mail takes a look at the country’s recent history with counterfeiting. The first time counterfeiting hit the radar of the Bank of Canada in major way was in the 1980s. In an […]

“Still A Need For Cold, Hard Cash” – PRI Talks To Money Makers

Though commerce has recently taken a turn towards electronic formats with Internet purchases, debit cards and e-mail money transfers, leaders in banknote manufacturing say their industry is experiencing unprecedented growth. This week, Jason Margolis, host of The World on Public Radio International (PRI), caught up with some of these manufacturers who echo the sentiment, saying […]