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£30,000 Counterfeits Made

Using digital images of real money and an ink- jet printer, almost £30,000 in fake bank notes were counterfeited.

On Monday at the Glasgow Sheriff Court, Ian Beaton admitted to creating the fake notes.

After police searched his car near Aberdeen and found £2000 of seized counterfeit notes with his fingerprints on the envelope the 44- year-old was arrested.

Around £28,000 of fake notes were recovered from his Shawlands home in Glasgow.

Between July 30, 2010, and January 22, 2011 Beaton pled guilty to making a quantity of Royal Bank of Scotland and Bank of Scotland notes.  He also admitted to having the materials needed to make the fake cash including a computer, printers, paper and guillotines for that purpose.

Procurator fiscal depute Mark Allan told the court that “No one was present within at that time, a search commenced, counterfeit money in particular Royal Bank of Scotland £20 and £10 notes and Bank of Scotland £20 notes were recovered in various locations within the flat.”

He also told the courts that police found paper, hard drives and disks from the computer’s internal memory as well as ink and other objects used to make the counterfeiting money.

“Towards the conclusion of the search which was by that stage 4pm, the accused arrived at the flat and identified himself as residing there. He was detained and taken to Cathcart Police Office, processed there, and interviewed there and at the conclusion of which he was cautioned and charged and made no reply,” he said.

Images of the Royal Bank of Scotland £20 notes which had been downloaded from an iPhone were found during the forensic analysis of the computer system, said Mr Allan. He added “The internet browser shows a record of a search for information relating to counterfeiting currency. There were other images on the hard drive of bank notes.”

Beaton was released on bail as Sheriff Charles McFarlane QC deferred sentencing until next month.

He said: “You have pled guilty to a serious counterfeit operation and the chances are, subject to anything that might be said, you will receive a substantial custodial sentence.”


STV: ‘Counterfeiter made £30,000 in fake bank notes using digital images of £20′


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