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Algeria Introduces 2000-Dinar Banknote

Beginning April 28, 2011 the Bank of Algeria will introduce a 2,000-dinar banknote into circulation. This is the highest denomination that will be available to the Algerian public.

The bank says the new denomination will be placed into circulation in order to “ease liquidity” but will also to introduce a new series of security features to compliment the bills’ new designs and improved durability.

Among the new features, the 2,000-dinar bill includes:
- a unique watermark
- micro-printing
- images only visible under both UV and infrared lights
- a holographic band
- raised printing
- holographic text

The updates to security features on the country’s currency were a necessary step to deterring counterfeiting, which has become easier thanks to high-quality copying technology, says the bank in a press release on its website.

Upon the release of the bill, the bank will undertake education initiatives to inform the public about the new security features and teach them about the ins and outs of the new banknote.

This is the first time the Bank of Algeria has introduced a new banknote into its circulation since the 1990s. To date, the highest denomination has been the 1,000-dinar bill.

Bank of Algeria: “Note D’Information Sur La Mise En Circulation D’Un Billet De Banque De 2000 Dinars”
Banknote News: “Algeria To Issue 2,000-Dinar Note”


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