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Artists Put Creative Touches On $100 US Bill

Nearly a year ago, the US Treasury Department unveiled what they were calling “the next generation one hundred” – a newly designed, high-tech $100 banknote.

Set to be unveiled in February 2011, the bills were equipped with a 3D ribbon crossing the center of the bill and a colour-changing Liberty Bell alongside some other tradition security features such as raised printing, microprinting, and security threads.

However, the production of these bills was delayed in October due to a manufacturing flaw that caused “sporadic creasing of the paper” during printing. As a result, the new $100 bills have yet to see the light of day and no re-issue date has been set.

That’s of no concern to a group based in France who have asked artists around the globe to develop new designs of the US $100 banknote in the meantime.

“We launched [Make Your Franklin] because we wished to make an international artist community around one unique question: money,” project founder Martin Joubert told “That’s why we used the $100 bill — everyone around the world know what it represents.”

The online project allows artists to download a template of the current $100 design in order to “rebuild the banknote.” Since the website was launched in March 2011, the group has received nearly 300 submissions. Some submissions are comical, some political and others – such as though pictured below – offer a new interpretation on the design altogether.
















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