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Banknote 2009

Banknote 2009: a four-day conference focusing on emerging trends in the banknote industry.

Banknote 2009: a four-day conference focusing on emerging trends in the banknote industry.

On December 6, global banknote industry leaders will head to Washington, DC for Banknote 2009 – a four-day conference that brings together the public and private sectors to focus on emerging trends in the banknote industry.

Though the Banknote conference began in 1998 as a specialty event focusing primarily on banknote substrates, it has become more focused in recent years on changing technologies and issues specific to the production, distribution, and security of banknotes.

Presentations at this year’s conference include a large number of security-related topics including presentations on Canadian and US counterfeiting situations and trends, a discussion of safety elements on the new Danish banknote series, and a lecture on improved overt and covert security features for banknotes, among many others.

The Banknote conferences are also a chance for banknote manufacturers, producers, suppliers, etc to discuss and introduce new products to the marketplace. One such company is Fortress Paper.

The international supplier of security and specialty papers is expected to introduce their new polymer banknote paper called Durasafe – a hybrid banknote that is not only highly durable, but also includes a transparent window as a security feature – in DC during the conference.

Banknote 2009 takes place in Washington, DC from Sunday, December 6 to Wednesday, December 9.
For more information visit their website.

Banknote 2009


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