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Banknote Security Features Helped Pound “Regain Strength” Says Central Bank

Lebanon’s latest series of banknotes featuring increased security features have helped the Lebanese pound regain value, according to Riad Salameh, Governor of the country’s central bank.

“The trust in Lebanese currency is not only because of the strength in financial accounts but is also due to the banknote itself,” he said at an international conference addressing banknote printing and coin minting industries, hosted in Beirut last month.

The latest series of Lebanese banknotes was introduced in 2011. Among others, this particular series includes security features such as:

- An Alphagram: A lead stripe, windowed and visually alternating, sowing the image of a cedar tree, the bill value and the expression “Bank du Liban.”

- A Latent Image: A distinct patter that becomes visible when the bill is held at eye level in a horizontal position against the source of light.

- Watermark: A watermark of the cedar of Lebanon, only visible when the bill is held against the light.

- Transparent Image: A see-through image that depicts an image of the bill’s value.

- Security Thread: A wide security thread that is clearly visible when the banknote is held to the light.

- Raised Text: Intaglio printing of the bill’s value used as both a security feature and a special feature for the visually impaired.

At the “Mint and Print” conference, Salameh said the Central Bank is intent on increasing the usage of local currency, adding that dollarization has decreased from over 80 per cent to less than 40 per cent since the early 1990s.

Daily Star: “Salameh: New Banknotes Helped Boost Currency”
Central Bank of Lebanon: “Lebanese Banknotes Security Features”


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