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The Days of Pennies In Canada Are Numbered

The Royal Mint announced Friday it will stop making the one-cent coin. Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty is set to take part in a ceremonial coin strike Friday morning at the mint’s coin production facility in Winnipeg, to mark the end of production of the penny. Once the very last penny is produced it will reside in […]

Greek Drachmas Worth 240 Million Euros Unclaimed

ATHENS -Greece swaps a record-breaking debt this week which were overshadowed by the equivalent of 240 million euro’s unclaimed,  in exchange for now-obsolete Greek drachmas. Nearly 82 billion drachmas ($320 million) in banknotes were unaccounted for when the deadline for withdrawal ended on March 1 by the Bank of Greece, said Kathimerini daily. Drachma coins […]

France Says Goodbye To The Franc

Ten years after instituting the euro as the national currency, France said goodbye to the franc this weekend. According to the American Foreign Press (AFP), hundreds of people lined up at the offices of France’s central bank on Friday to exchange old francs for euro banknotes as it was the last day mandated by the […]

Spain Introduces Contactless ATM

From specialized high-tech security features to electronic transfers, technology has a profound impact not only on banknotes, but also on everyday banking transactions. That technology continued to grow this week as Spanish bank La Caixa introduced the world to the contactless ATM. Instead of inserting debit cards into a slot, customers using the machines simply […]

Counterfeit Seizures Up In Czech Republic

Police forces in the Czech Republic have reported an increase in seized counterfeit bills this year, saying the number of forged banknotes retrieved was up by seven per cent compared to last year. To date, Czech authorities have already seized 5,245 banknotes varying in denomination and value, but the increase doesn’t necessarily translate to an […]

Banknote Protest Movement Moves To China

On the heels of a unique protest movement using banknotes in Iran several months ago, French media outlet The Observers is reporting that a similar movement has found roots in China. The movement sees grassroots protesters writing messages criticizing their government on banknotes to spread their message in an underground and widespread manner. The Chinese […]

Seven interesting intricacies of Asian currency

All banknotes are intricately designed with particular pictures, security features and unique stories. This article posted on takes a closer look at seven of the most interesting intricacies of Asian currency. Funny money: The wacky world of Asian currencies by La Carmina @ #1- India: Thumbs-up and peace sign rupees India’s one-rupee coin […]

North Korean won plunges in value

Nearly a month after North Korea redenominated its currency at a rate of 100 to 1 (read North Korea changes currency and rates 100 to 1), North Korea changes currency and rates 100 to 1), its international value has also begun to plunge. Reports from South Korea’s Yonhap news agency this week stated the new […]

Estonia to adopt euro “in the first half of 2010”

The European Union (EU) is set to introduce Estonia into the folds of the euro zone by mid-summer 2010. Marek Belka, the International Monetary Fund’s head for Europe revealed last week that Estonia is on track to fully adopt the single currency. “I hope and I think there is a high likelihood that the EU […]

Iran deems “Green” banknotes invalid

In response to the increasing circulation of banknotes scribbled with anti-government slogans (read Iranians shift protest movement to banknotes), the Central Bank of Iran said this week that it would no longer accept graffitied banknotes as valid currency. Since the beginning of the Iranian Green Movement (the ink on the banknotes is often green, and […]