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India Attempts Crack Down on ‘Financial Terror’

India will put together a ‘financial terror dossier’ this week in an attempt to garner international support in pressuring Pakistan to immobilize a booming counterfeit currency ring that exports bogus Indian banknotes into the country. Since the attacks in Mumbai last November, India has been aggressively building a number of cases against the neighboring Pakistan, […]

Iranian’s shift protest movement to banknotes

Protesters in Iran have launched what they are calling a “second level” of protesting, shifting from overt public displays such as street demonstrations and rallies, to more covert tactics like writing protest notes and slogans on rial banknotes – the Iranian currency. With staunch government crackdowns on protest movements throughout the country, pro-democracy protesters are […]

Japanese company unveils multiple currency ATM

It’s been over 40 years since the world was first introduced to the convenience of an automatic teller machine (ATM). Invented by inventor John Shepherd-Barron, the ATM first made its appearance in London in 1967. Though the machine used PIN (personal identification number) codes it was dependent on checks impregnated with the (slightly) radioactive isotope […]

North Korea Changes Currency and Rates 100 to 1

The North Korean government announced this week that it would be redenominate their current currency and replace old banknotes with new ones of a drastically lesser value. Though the currency will keep the same name (the won) one hundred old won is now only worth one won – 1/100th of their previous worth. The government […]

India to Begin Trial Period for Polymer Banknotes

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) announced this week that the country will begin a trial period of introducing polymer banknotes in circulation in order to eliminate the backlog of unusable worn banknotes throughout India and to combat counterfeiting. The RBI says that India has seen a 95 per cent increase in counterfeit notes in […]

Royal Bank of India Lists Banknotes Security Features on its Website.

Ever wondered exactly what kind of security features are embedded in the cash you carry? If you live in India, you no longer have to wonder. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has posted a comprehensive list of security features on its Mahatma Gandhi Series banknotes on its website. The Gandhi Series has been in […]