Specialty Cellulose Production

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Cellulose structures make colors that never fade

Researchers at the¬†University of Cambridge¬†have discovered a way to capture the intense, no-fade colour in a particular plant that could be replace pigments used in industry with natural plant extracts in products. The Pollia condensata plant (sometimes called the marble berry)- a species that grows wild the forests of Ethiopia, Mozambique, Tanzania and other African […]

Canadian forestry sector reseeds

Once-moribund industry sprouts new demand and higher share prices. A the adage goes, the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago; the second best time is now. Ideally, investors planted their money into forestry early enough to see their money grow along with the recent surge in commodity and equity prices. But […]

What Is Rayon?

This week, Vancouver-based paper maker Fortress Paper announced a new venture (read “Fortress Paper Announces An Acquisition To Enter The Specialty Cellulose and Bio Energy Sectors”) acquiring a mill in Thurso, Quebec with the intention of transforming wood pulp into specialty cellulose. Derived from dissolving wood pulp to its organic core, specialty cellulose is a […]