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Central Bank of the Bahamas Introduces New $100 Banknote

The new Bahamian $100 banknote is the final denomination in the Central Bank of the Bahama's CRISP series.

The new Bahamian $100 banknote is the final denomination in the Central Bank of the Bahama's CRISP series.

This week the Central Bank of the Bahamas (CBB) introduced a new purple, blue, green & mauve $100 banknote into circulation bearing a picture of Queen Elizabeth II on the front and a blue marlin on the back. But colour and images aren’t the only changes that have been made.

The new $100 banknote is the sixth and final denomination in the new CRISP (Counterfeit Resistance Integrated Security Product) family – a series of banknotes that have been created with elevated security features to deter counterfeiting.

All six denominations in the CRISP series – $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100 – feature new watermarks, highlighted electrotype images (images that can only been seen in specific light sources), latent images (images that are difficult to see with the naked eye), and phosphorous features (imprints that can only be seen beneath black fluorescent lamps).

The new banknotes are also coated with a new sizing agent to help prevent the chemical removal of inks from the paper and have been deemed more durable.

Replacing old Bahamian banknotes with the CRISP banknotes has been a four-year process for the CBB, beginning in 2005 with the $10 note.

Now that all denominations with the new anti-counterfeit are being circulated, the CBB is asking the public to pay closer attention to the new differences in order to further reduce active cases of bogus bills.

The new $100 notes will be in circulation with the $100 old notes, which will eventually be phased out of circulation.

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