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Commemorative Jersey Note Features Queen Elizabeth Hologram

The States of Jersey unveiled a special commemorative banknote that features a holographic portrait of Queen Elizabeth this week.

Available June 1, the £100 banknote is a special edition note that marks the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

In order to manufacture the note, a law dating back to 1959 that limited the maximum denomination of any currency note to £50 had to be amended.

“This is an appropriate way for Jersey to celebrate its loyalty to the crown,” said Senator Philip Ozouf, the Treasury Minister of the States of Jersey.

The note will feature English, French and Jèrriais words and the holographic portrait will appear as the main image and on the security strip.

In 2010, Jersey introduced a brand new series of banknotes that highlighted the region’s unique attributes.

Complete with images that chronicled key moments in the island’s history and phrases written in the native Jèrriais – a distinctive brand of French – the banknotes were the first new series Jersey has introduced in over twenty years.

Like many new banknotes, the Jersey series was also equipped with new security features to deter counterfeiting. A hologram on the top left corner of the notes was one of the new features added to the series as well as a see through map of the state. Familiar features such as a watermark and a silver security thread that appeared on old banknotes returned to the series as well.

The bailiwick of Jersey is part of the Channel Islands, located between England and France.

BBC News: “Jersey Hologram £100 Banknotes Released.”
Banknote News: “Jersey Issues New Note Family”


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