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Costa Rica Introduces New Banknotes

The Central Bank of Costa Rica announced this week that it would begin circulating new ₡5,000, ₡10,000, and ₡50,000 banknotes on August 27.

All new banknotes display images of former presidents on the front: The ₡5,000 note is yellow and has the image of Alfredo González Flores, the green ₡10,000 bill shows three-time President José Figueres Ferrer and the ₡50,000 – purple – portrays the image of another three-timer, President Ricardo Jiménez Oreamuno, reported the Tico Times.

On the back of the notes, the design reflects cultural and environmental signatures of the region.

“The Central Bank is proud to recognize the work of six distinguished benefactors of the country, major players in our democratic system, political, economic, educational and cultural, as well as the richness of six of the ecosystems that make up our biodiversity,” the Central Bank wrote on their website. “More than a means of payment, the banknotes are a unique manifestation of the natural wealth that has placed Costa Rica on the world map as a country in which biodiversity and concern for nature is part of their identity.”

The new notes are also outfitted with several security features that will help prevent counterfeiting.

Those features include:

- Raised printing on the banknote’s portrait
- A watermark that depicts the same centralized portrait and the note’s denomination
- A colour-changing image of the Costa Rican map
- A colour-changing security thread on the bill’s left side

The notes in the old series will only retain their value until December 31, 2012. Between January and April 2013, old notes can only be exchanged at commercial banks. Starting May 1, 2013 the old series can only be exchanged at the Central Bank.

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