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Counterfeit Seizures Up In Czech Republic

Police forces in the Czech Republic have reported an increase in seized counterfeit bills this year, saying the number of forged banknotes retrieved was up by seven per cent compared to last year.

To date, Czech authorities have already seized 5,245 banknotes varying in denomination and value, but the increase doesn’t necessarily translate to an increase in counterfeit notes throughout the country. According to Pavel Zúbek, spokesman for the Czech National Bank (ČNB), the increase in seized notes means police forces are conducting more successful investigations.

“Forgery statistics are usually influenced by successful police activities against counterfeiters,” Zúbek told The Prague Post, also pointing out that police completed “two big operations” over the past summer.

The counterfeit notes seized this year have ranged from US banknotes, to Euro banknotes, as well as Czech banknotes.

Czech banknotes contain many security features to prevent counterfeiting such as security fibres, printed areas visible only under ultraviolet light, colour-shifting ink and iridescent stripes.

The newest versions of the 500, 1,000, 2,000 and 5,000 Kč notes also have a windowed thread in the center, adding a special effect known as POLE that is visible only with a special devices available to businesses that handle cash.

The ČNB said the general public can also help cut down on counterfeit circulation by being aware of these security features, and is urging people to be more careful when accepting banknotes.

The Prague Post: “Seizure of Forged Bank Notes On The Rise”


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