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Diamond-Wearing Queen Hologram Graces British Banknotes

A holographic portrait of Queen Elizabeth II that depicts her wearing a real diamond diadem will appear on new British banknotes and stamps.

The hologram was created by artist Chris Levine in celebration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, a celebration of Her Majesty’s 60th year as the head of the British monarch.

Partnering with Asprey Jewelers in London, Levine and his producer Jeff Robb the design of the hologram was no easy task, according to an in-depth feature published by Time Magazine.

“[Levine and Robb] spent two 90 minute sittings with the Queen, meticulously gathering ‘literally thousands and thousands’ of photographs, and this year have worked with Asprey Jewelers to create a special Jubilee piece by adding a real diamond diadem to the hologram–or ‘lenticular,’ which is the technical name for this work,” Time wrote.

“The diadem, which jewelers have been preparing for a year, contains 1,100 diamonds, including an extremely rare yellow diamond in the middle. The hologram is made up of 40 different photographs of the Queen, layered using a complex arrangement of lenses to give it a three-dimensional effect. The diamonds of the diadem are then suspended above the image, creating a glittering likeness of the Queen.”

Levine was first commissioned to do the hologram work in 2004 by the Island of Jersey who wanted a portrait to commemorate 800 years of allegiance to the British Crown. Beginning last year, the British artist began working with Asprey to modify the piece for the Diamond jubilee.

The hologram appears on the £100 banknote issued by the States of Jersey beginning on June 1, 2012.

For a video on the creation of this unique hologram, click HERE.

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Time Magazine: “We Are ‘Tickled’: The Making Of Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond-Wearing Hologram”


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