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ECB Unveils New 5 Euro Banknote

Officials from the European Central Bank (ECB) unveiled their new €5 banknote this week at a ceremony in Germany.

The €5 banknote is the first in a new series that will be launched over the coming years. As with many new series, the focus of the new euros will be on increased security features to help protect against counterfeiting.

“The new €5 banknote has benefitted from advances in banknote technology since the first series was introduced over 10 years ago,” said the ECB. “It includes some new and enhanced security features.”

According to an article published by Coin Update, “the design of the new note which includes a depiction of Europa, was found on an ancient vase housed in the Louvre Museum in Paris and it was this exceptional image which the new design is based on. The Vase, which was in fact an Urn used for mixing wine and water, was created over two thousand years ago. The two figures of Europa and the white bull – certainly that of Zeus in this form are at the center of the Vase’s design. The depiction of this young woman, in pleated dress and jewels with the white bull bowing at her feet is what the currency development & management team at the ECB decided to depict in the watermark & hologram on the first re-design in more than 11 years of the new notes – with six more to follow.”

The €5 banknote will be introduced on May 2, and will be circulated by all 17 member states of the Eurozone. The ECB said the new notes would circulate side by side with the old note while they are gradually removed from circulation.

The €10 banknote will be the next note to undergo a redesign in 2014. One new note will be issued every year until all denominations have been introduced into circulation.

Coin Update: “European Central Bank Unveils New 5 Euro Banknote”
Algarve Resident: “ECB Unveils New Five Euro Banknote”


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