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We recycle paper, plastic, and glass. But did you know you could also recycle steam? At its Landqart mill in Switzerland, Fortress Paper is doing exactly that.

Steam is an important component of creating paper. It’s used as a primary source of heat in the process of converting pulp to paper. While many paper mills would burn fossil fuels on-site to generate this steam, Landqart is actually re-using steam that comes from a nearby refuse incinerating plant. And it’s no easy task. This steam travels nearly 7km through a pipeline that connects the plant to the mill. Landqart agrees that the pipeline is perhaps “unconventional,” but is going a long way – literally – to protect “natural resources and reduce CO2 emissions into the environment” in the production of paper which they are using to create – among other things – banknotes.

Landqart- Responsibility for Nature and Environment

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