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Estonia Launches Video Campaigns In Preparation of Adopting Euro

With less than 90 days to go before Estonia converts its currency to the euro, the country has launched a series of ad campaigns depicting the currency’s unifying elements in order to prepare citizens for the changeover.

The videos – which can be viewed here – also educate the Estonian public about key security features found on the new currency including watermarks, security threads, and holograms.

The education campaign also includes a series of print media ads that will focus on the appearance and security features of euro banknotes.

The government will also circulate information leaflets along with two euro conversion cards to every household in Estonia. These conversion cards also detail the security features of the euro, and provides a list of price comparisons in both euros and kroons.

A major currency change like this doesn’t occur overnight. Beginning this summer, the country has been taking steps to ensure a smooth transition. From listing merchant prices in both Estonian kroons and euros, to approving official changeover rates, and beginning a preliminary distribution of euro coins to commercial banks, Estonia has been prepping for the new currency that has already been adopted by 16 other European countries.

Beginning in December, Estonians will have the ability to exchange kroon banknotes for euros without any fees. Starting January 1, 2011, all deposits in Estonian kroons will change over to euro deposits and ATMs will distribute only euros.

To date, the Bank of Estonia has not given a time limit for kroon to euro exchanges.

The euro is produced by a small number of banknote manufacturers around the world. One such company is the Vancouver-based Fortress Paper Ltd. who produces euro banknote paper for several countries at their mill in Landqart, Switzerland.

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