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Fortress CEO Discusses High Tech Forestry Sector On BNN

Fortress Paper Ltd. CEO Chad Wasilenkoff appeared on the Business News Network this week to talk about the resurgence of the Canadian forestry sector thanks to diversification of products and forward thinking attitudes in the industry.

The forestry sector has “gone through a couple of challenging decades,” he said on Tuesday. “So we now need to change that sector and drive forth with new innovation and cutting edge technology to remain globally competitive.”

In the past, the forestry sector was mainly concerned with just wood and pulp. Changing that direction is what is allowing the forestry sector to thrive once again, said Wasilenkoff.

Echoing some of the themes found in an article recently published in the Vancouver Sun and the Windsor Star, Wasilenkoff said today’s foresty sector is now driven by high-tech initiatives, focusing on areas such as biochemistry, genetics, computer modeling, satellite imagery, and digital processing – among others.

The industry now is “more of a biorefiner,” Wasilenkoff said. “We’re taking the wood, we’re breaking it down to the molecular level and extracting as many products as we can to get as much value out of that wood as possible.”

Wasilenkoff also spoke about the Bio-Pathways project – a government sponsored initiative to further research and development in the sector – as well as his own company’s plans for the future with their dissolving pulp mill located in Thurso, Quebec.

Watch the entire video HERE

BNN: “High Tech Forest Sector”
BNN: “Saving The Forestry Sector One Innovation At A Time”


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