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Gibraltar Issues New £5, £20 and £100 Banknotes

The British territory of Gibraltar issued new £5 and £20 banknotes this month, and – for the first time ever – the country has introduced £100 banknotes into circulation.

The new notes were part of a series introduced in two phases. The first new notes – the £10 and the £50 – were issued in 2010. All five denominations come equipped with these security features to prevent counterfeiting:

- Raised ink that has a distinguishing texture
- A watermark of Queen Elizabeth II featuring an electrotype watermark (lighter tones) in the tiara and denomination
- A security thread visible as silver dashes when laid flat, and visible as a continuous line when held to the light
- A partial castle on the left of the watermark that becomes a full image when held to the light
- A letter G that is only visible when the note is held to the light
- Serial numbers that show the digits progressively growing in size
- A metal strip with a complex pattern of images such as the Gibraltar castle and text which can be viewed when the feature is held up to the light. The reverse of the note bares a window and the entire feature fluoresces when examined under ultra violet light (this feature only appears on the £100 banknote)

The designs of each banknote “reflect the rich history and culture of Gibraltar, from the Moorish era to the present day,” said a pamphlet released to the public explaining the new look and features of the banknotes. “Each denomination has a portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of Gibraltar, on the front, complemented by pattern work representing Gibraltar’s strategic location at the entrance to the Mediterranean, where it meets the Atlantic Ocean. The reverse of each of the banknotes carries a vignette which shows as aspect of Gibraltar through the ages.”

Gibraltar is located on the southern end of the Iberian Peninsula at the entrance of the Mediterranean and is home to the famous Rock Of Gibraltar landmark.

Gibraltar Stamps: “Gibraltar Banknotes”
“Know Your New Gibraltar Banknotes”


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