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History has shown that our increasing complex financial system faces some unique challenges. Recently, the world of high finance collided with Main Street and the average investor was left to decipher why esoteric instrument such as derivates, swaps, counter-party agreements, packaged subprime loans and credit default swaps were impacting their investments and retirement savings. Overshadowed by these events, is an ongoing issue that continues to impair the integrity of the financial system and represents a potential danger to national economies – that is the issue of the counterfeiting of currency.

Counterfeiting, creating artificial money for financial gain and deceives others in making them believe that it is real, is as old as money itself. In the past, nations had used counterfeiting as a means of warfare, such as in the War Between the States in the USA in the mid-1800s and the Bernhard Operation in Europe during the Second World War. The idea was to overflow the enemy’s economy with fake banknotes, so that the real value of money was reduced; therefore, attacking the economy and general welfare of a society. Today, counterfeiting of currency impacts the integrity of the financial system, damaging economies and contributing to inflation that impacts the pocket books of consumers and savers worldwide.

Recent developments in photographic, printing, computer technologies, including digital image processing, high-performance colour printers and computer scanners and printers, have made the production of counterfeit money relatively easy, thereby increasing the potential threat. These new realities have driven the need for ever-improving security for the production of banknotes, and also for other secure documents such as passports, identification cards, visa labels cheques, tickets, certificates, transport documents, revenue stamps and brand labels.

The security of a banknote starts with the material upon which it is printed; a security paper possessing the characteristics that render it difficult to copy and that presents hurdles to illegal counterfeiting – a security paper that ensures authenticity. Fortress Paper’s Landqart facility offers solutions to meet these security demands. Landqart in is a leader on the development and production of security paper. Today, Fortress supplies bank note paper to more than 30 countries; including the Swiss Franc, the recognized benchmark for quality and security.

Source – Interpol


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