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Royal Canadian Mint To Launch Digital-Chip Currency

Weeks after the Canadian government announced the abolition of the one-cent coin, the Royal Canadian Mint says it’s preparing to launch a digital alternative to coinage and small denomination banknotes.

Called “MintChip” the proposed system would be a virtual payment method accessible through microchips, microSD cards and USB sticks.

“The easiest way to describe it is that it’s a small chip like you would find in your phone,” said Christine Aquino, the mint’s director of communications.

“Imagine a whole new breed of transactions that are smaller, faster and virtually everywhere. That’s where MintChip comes in – Using a chip, you securely load value onto a smart phone, USB device, computer, tablet or cloud – or maybe even some future device that doesn’t exist yet,” a promotional video released by the mint described.

No personal information would be required to use the system and only small-value transactions (anything under $10) could be used.

Though the conception has been developed, the software has not. That’s why the mint is offering $50,000 for winners of a contest aimed at developing smartphone apps and other ways of demonstrating MintChip’s benefits as a payment system for consumers, an article in the Leader-Post reported.

The winners will be chosen by a panel of business leaders including mint CEO Ian Bennett and Google’s vice-president of payments, Osama Bedler in September.

According to the Leader-Post, Marc Brule, the mint’s chief financial officer, will disclose more details about MintChip at an upcoming speech in Toronto later this month during a Forum on “Canadian Payment Innovations” sponsored by the The Canadian Institute business think tank.

The Leader-Post: “Mint Promotes Digital-Chip Currency”


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