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Specialized Security Features Make Bermuda’s $2 Bill 2010 Banknote Of The Year

Bermuda's $2 banknote was named 2010's Banknote of the Year by the International Banknote Society

Bermuda’s $2 bill has been chosen by the International Banknote Society (IBNS) as the 2010 Banknote of the Year for its “interesting array of security features.”

First issued by the Bermuda Monetary Authority (BMA) last year as part of the Island’s redesigned currency series, the $2 note includes such security features as:

- a distinctive watermark of a hibiscus flower on the upper left corner of the note
- a see-through thread with the map of Bermuda and a tuna fish (called Optiks)
- SeaView Scenes on the upper section of each note
- A compass that fluoresces in two colors under UV light
- Secure latent image of the note denomination
- Novel and vertical series numbering with a Bermuda onion prefix

“The new notes are distinctive, modern and secure, and have made a great impression locally,” said BMA CEO Jeremy Cox.

Another reason the judges chose the Bermuda Banknote was for its intricate design. The $2 note shows the Bermuda Bluebird on the front and the Dockyard Clocktower and Statue of Neptune on the back. The note’s design set out to showcase Bermudian flora, fauna and places of historical interest, said Marcia Wollridge-Allwood, the BMA’s director of corporate and financial services.

The winner of the Banknote of the Year award is decided by IBNS board members who consider the artistic merit, design, use of colour, contrast, balance and security features of each nomination.

Past winners have included the Samoan 20 Tala note (2009), the Scottish 50 Pound note (2008), the Comoros’ 1,000 Franc (2007), the Faeroe Islands’ 1,000 Kronur (2006) note and the Bank of Canada 20 Dollar note (2005).

The Royal Gazette: “Island’s $2 Bill Is The Banknote of the Year”
International Bank Note Society: “IBNS Banknote of the Year”
Bermuda Monetary Authority: “Bermuda Monetary Authority Releases New Redesigned Banknote Series Into Circulation”


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