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Sweden Hints At World’s First QR Banknotes

On the heels of coins embedded with QR codes released by the Royal Dutch Mint last year, Sweden unveiled a glimpse at what could be the world’s first banknotes embedded with QR codes.

QR codes – also known as Quick Response codes – play the role of an enhanced barcode. The pattern consists of black modules (square dots) arranged in a square pattern on a white background. This unique pattern (different for all QR codes) is a gateway to information that is stored online and can be accessed using mobile phones.

The codes printed on the limited edition coins issued last year, for example, would direct people to a mobile website where they could find information on the Royal Dutch Mint and learn how the coins were made.

After a competition held to redesign their currency, Sweden will be the first to introduce the first banknotes with QR codes.

“The competition came to an end late last year with artist and engraver Goran Osterlund winning the privilege to fashion the codes for the new banknotes,” an article in QR Code Press reported. “Osterlund will design the new banknotes and determine the placement of two QR codes that will be featured on the currency. The codes are meant to direct people to the Svergis Riksbank website where they can find a wealth of information concerning the organization, its history, and the services it offers to Swedish citizens.”

Though the Swedish bank had hoped to introduce the banknotes by 2015, officials at Svergis Riksbank have said they have to first increase security on the codes after seeing examples of codes linking to malicious content. The bank also expressed concerns over the potential of accessing a users’ personal information when the code is scanned.

“As such,” QR Code Press said, “Svergis Riksbank is working to make their QR codes more secure.”

QR Code Press: “Sweden To Adopt QR Coded Banknotes”
2D Code: “QR Code Banknotes”
“QR Code”


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