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Sweden Launches Contest For Banknote Design

Earlier this month, Sweden’s central bank – Sveriges Riksbank – announced that their new banknote series would replace historical figures with more contemporary personalities “who have made positive and important contributions to Sweden’s cultural heritage during the 20th century” such as Greta Garbo, Birgit Nilsson and Ingmar Berman.

Today, the central bank announced a public competition for the design of these banknotes open to artists, designers, and architects.

“The competition will be held in two stages,” Riksbank announced on their website. “During stage 1, all those who fulfil the qualification requirements can register their interest in taking part in the competition. The Riksbank will then select 5-8 of the applicants, who will compete in stage 2 by presenting proposals for the design of the six banknote denominations.”

Four members of the General Council of the Riksbank – Peter Egardt, Anders Karlsson, Sonia Karlsson and Ebba Lindsö – and two artistic experts – Jordi Arkö and Karin Granqvist – will be the jurists for the entries. The winning design will then be used as a “starting point” for the banknotes’ final design.

Many key components for the design have already been decided upon. The cultural figures and parts of the country depicted on the banknotes have already been pre-determined, as well as the colour scheme for the series.

“Riksbank also has proposed that the banknotes should have distinctive printed details that can be felt with the fingertips, as an aid to the visually impaired,” an article in Wired reported.

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