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Angola To Release New Banknote Series In 2013

The Angola Reserve Bank (BNA) announced this week they would release a new banknote series “early in 2013.” The decision to issue a new series was approved by the National Assembly and passed into law by a majority vote of 155 to 15. According to AngolaPress, one of the biggest selling points for the new […]

Metal Detectors Could Detect Smuggled Notes

New research from the University of Washington shows that metal detectors at security checkpoints were able detect and count smuggled stacks of banknotes. According to an article published by Gizmodo, “physicists Christopher Fuller and Antao Chen found that ordinary handheld metal detectors were ale to recognize magnetic ink in a single dollar bill from just […]

New Zealand Banknotes Will Retain Similar Design

Though some believed the currency could see a massive overhaul, bank officials in New Zealand announced that the design of their new banknote series will remain similar when the notes are released in 2014. A point of contention for the new notes was the depiction of Queen Elizabeth on the country’s $20 banknote. A recent […]

Nanaimo Stores See Influx of Counterfeit $100 Bills

Several months before the Bank of Canada introduces a new polymer $100 banknote into circulation, the town of Nanaimo, British Columbia is noticing an influx of fake $100 bills being used at local businesses. Modeled after the current cotton-paper blend banknote, the fakes have been making their way to gas stations, video stores, taxi companies […]

Bank of Israel Also Launches Design Contest

Nearly a week after Sweden’s central bank, Sveriges Riksbank, launched a contest asking the public to help design their upcoming series of banknotes, the Bank of Israel (BOI) is following suit. For the first time ever, the BOI is reaching out to the community for the design of their new series of banknotes that will […]

Football Season Triggers Counterfeit Warnings

With football season back in full swing, some National Football League (NFL) teams are warning fans to be on the lookout for counterfeit tickets. This week, the Superbowl winning New Orleans Saints issued a statement saying fake tickets for their home opener against the Minnesota Vikings were circulating “in the secondary market” – via the […]

NEW FEATURES: Pixelating Watermarks

This article is part of a continuing series that looks at security features in development for the security paper industry. One of the most familiar – and recognizable – banknote security features is the watermark. First introduced in the 13th century in Italy, a watermark is an image or pattern on the security paper that […]

“At Any Given Time, $200M in Bogus US Bills Is In Circulation Worldwide”

The big business of fake money: The new $100 bill is the U.S. government’s latest bid to stay one step ahead of counterfeiters. How widespread is counterfeiting? At any given time, some $200 million in bogus U.S. bills is in circulation worldwide, authorities say. About $60 million of those fakes circulates through the U.S. each […]