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South Africa Unveils Mandela Banknotes

The central bank of South Africa unveiled a new series of banknotes featuring the image of former president Nelson Mandela. “We are pleased to issue this new series of banknotes which reflects South Africa’s pride as a nation and pays tribute to a much-loved world icon,” said Reserve Bank Governor Gill Marcus. The banknotes series […]

Czech National Bank Counterfeit Cash App

A new phone app has been unveiled by the Czech National Bank Counterfeit Cash App which it says will help consumers identify counterfeit money, using detailed photographs and descriptions of all valid versions of Czech banknotes and coins. The Czechs see value in protecting their traditional currency, the koruna as the Euro is coming under criticism […]

‘Class A’ Fake Notes

Increasingly sophisticated techniques with counterfeiters are throwing up a huge challenge to authorities and money exchange houses with to forge notes with most of the security features used in real currencies, said forensic experts in Dubai. The Indian rupee has emerged as the currency of choice, overtaking the US dollar in 2011 by currency forgers, accounting for 10,700 […]

Easy-To-Use Technology Leading To Counterfeit Bump

It used to be a highly refined skill requiring substantial training and reserved for specialized technicians, but today counterfeiting is as easy as “the push of a button” say sources from the US federal government – and this is leading to a big jump in the amount of counterfeit banknotes in circulation. The US Secret […]

NEW FEATURES: Connecting The Quantum Dots

This article is part of a continuing series that looks at security features in development for the security paper industry. It’s not a connection you can make everyday, but some leading cancer research could also prove to be an important development for the security paper industry. Quantum dots are a discovery of nanotechnology (much like […]

Learning More About The CBCDG

The Central Bank Counterfeit Deterrence Group (CBCDG) is a group of 31 central banks and note printing authorities that investigates emerging threats to banknote security and proposes solutions for these threats. Consisting of members from countries around the world including Canada, the United States, Australia, Sweden, Germany, Japan, France, Greece the United Kingdom, the CBCDG […]

NEW FEATURES: Forensic Fingerprinting

It may sound like something straight out of the crime-drama CSI, but scientists in Brazil and the US are developing a method of identifying “fingerprints” on banknotes in order to spot counterfeits. The process is done using what chemists call a “mass spectrometric technique” that can detect the authenticity of a banknote in seconds. This […]

How Computer Software Can Prevent Counterfeiting

With the onset of devices like colour photocopiers, personal printers, and high-quality photo printers readily available on the market, security features on banknotes are at an all time high when it comes to the technology they employ. While security features embedded in banknotes are the first line of defense when it comes to protection against […]

India Switches Rs500 & 1,000 Notes To Blue Paper

After a significant “large-scale circulation of fake notes” throughout India over the past year, the Indian government has decided to begin printing Rs500 and Rs1,000 on special blue security paper to curtail counterfeiting in the region. Blue paper is made by combining cotton and linen fibre with a special dye that only glows under ultraviolet […]

NEW FEATURES: How Butterflies Could Help Protect Banknotes

While we often write about security devices that have already been introduced in banknotes, this week we launch the first part in a continuing series called “New Features” looking at features that are in development but have yet to be adopted by the industry. In the world of banknote security, anti-counterfeit technology has to be […]