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Algeria Introduces 2000-Dinar Banknote

Beginning April 28, 2011 the Bank of Algeria will introduce a 2,000-dinar banknote into circulation. This is the highest denomination that will be available to the Algerian public. The bank says the new denomination will be placed into circulation in order to “ease liquidity” but will also to introduce a new series of security features […]

Quality Control Halts Banknote Production For One Company

After discovering irregularities in the quality and production of banknote paper, security paper maker De La Rue has suspended production of banknotes at their printing plant in Overton, Hampshire for the time being. Though no specific details have been provided, the company said last week that the paper used for making banknotes was not being […]

NEW FEATURES: Pixelating Watermarks

This article is part of a continuing series that looks at security features in development for the security paper industry. One of the most familiar – and recognizable – banknote security features is the watermark. First introduced in the 13th century in Italy, a watermark is an image or pattern on the security paper that […]

Seven interesting intricacies of Asian currency

All banknotes are intricately designed with particular pictures, security features and unique stories. This article posted on takes a closer look at seven of the most interesting intricacies of Asian currency. Funny money: The wacky world of Asian currencies by La Carmina @ #1- India: Thumbs-up and peace sign rupees India’s one-rupee coin […]

North Korean won plunges in value

Nearly a month after North Korea redenominated its currency at a rate of 100 to 1 (read North Korea changes currency and rates 100 to 1), North Korea changes currency and rates 100 to 1), its international value has also begun to plunge. Reports from South Korea’s Yonhap news agency this week stated the new […]

Indian charity issues zero rupee banknotes

Fifth Pillar, an Indian charity that confronts corrupt officials, has issued a zero banknote as a way to protest ongoing bribery and extortion in the country. The notes have no value, but look identical to Indian banknotes and carry the slogans “Eliminate corruption at all levels” and the pledge “I promise to neither accept nor […]

“Counterfeiting, A Three-Part Series.” Part 2: The evolution of anti-counterfeiting measures

*This article is the second in a three-part series on counterfeiting. In the world of currency, developing anti-counterfeiting measures have always followed the emergence of counterfeit banknotes and coins, and they have taken on many different forms. As seen in the previous article in this series, (read: Part 1: A History of Counterfeiting), one of […]

“Counterfeiting, A Three-Part Series.” Part 1: A history of counterfeiting

*This article is the first in a three-part series on counterfeiting. The act of counterfeiting is as old as money itself. Plaguing ancient Rome, empirical China, newborn America, and many other nations over the past 2500 years, the illegal activity came hand in hand with the creation of money. Even prior to the invention of […]

ECB: Counterfeit euros up 8 per cent

The European Central Bank (ECB) announced today that the number of fake euro banknotes seized in the last six months rose by eight per cent from the first half of the year. “In the second half of 2009 a total of 447,000 counterfeit euro banknotes were withdrawn from circulation,” an ECB statement said. Though the […]

Iran deems “Green” banknotes invalid

In response to the increasing circulation of banknotes scribbled with anti-government slogans (read Iranians shift protest movement to banknotes), the Central Bank of Iran said this week that it would no longer accept graffitied banknotes as valid currency. Since the beginning of the Iranian Green Movement (the ink on the banknotes is often green, and […]