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Jamaica Introduces New Banknotes

In celebration of the country’s Golden Jubilee, the Bank of Jamaica (BOJ) introduced a special series of 50th anniversary commemorative banknotes this week. The series will consist of the five denominations currently in circulation: the $5000, $1000, $500, $100 and $50 and will feature the national logo for the 50th anniversary of independence. The notes […]

Setting The Stage For The Greek Drachma

With recent election results demonstrating many Greeks want to back out of the country’s Eurozone agreement, financial analysts say the drachma could return to Greece soon. Following three years of economic struggle and several bailouts totally nearly $800 billion, Greece could reinstitute its old currency should they pull out of the Eurozone. Hartmut Grossman, an […]

Malawi New K1, 000 Banknotes

The Reserve Bank of Malawi (RBM) confirmed the 1,000 Kwacha (about $6) banknotes according to Nyasa Times. Dr. Perks Ligoya, Reserve Bank of Malawi (RBM) Governor said that the new banknote will be in circulation in the next six months at a news conference in Blantyre on Friday. Ligoya said “We are introducing a complete […]

Burning Cash for Fuel in Hungary

During a deadly cold snap, Hungary’s central bank is helping heat needy humanitarian organizations by pulping wads of old notes into briquettes which is a gesture that had warmed the hearts and bodies of many. Krisztina Haraszti, the head of a centre for autistic children in the impoverished north-eastern town of Miskolc said “It’s a […]

Oman Issues New High Security Banknote

The Central Bank of Oman (CBO) unveiled its latest banknote this month, a new 50-rial bill.   Aside from commemorating the 40th National Day, the day Sultan Qaboos bin Said overthrew the restrictive rule of his father in 1970 and also the sultan’s birthday, the new banknote also features several upgraded security features.   The new features […]

“Still A Need For Cold, Hard Cash” – PRI Talks To Money Makers

Though commerce has recently taken a turn towards electronic formats with Internet purchases, debit cards and e-mail money transfers, leaders in banknote manufacturing say their industry is experiencing unprecedented growth. This week, Jason Margolis, host of The World on Public Radio International (PRI), caught up with some of these manufacturers who echo the sentiment, saying […]

BBC Features Fortress Paper’s Banknote Facility

BBC News visited Fortress Paper’s facility in Landquart, Switzerland this week to learn about the process of making banknotes. In a video featured in the BBC’s Business section, Marco Ziethen, the production manager at Landquart, takes reporter Lucy Burton through a step-by-step guide to manufacturing banknotes. From importing, refining and bleaching cotton, Ziethen showed how […]

Bank of England Considers Polymer Notes

In an effort to make some of their banknotes more durable and counterfeit proof, the Bank of England is considering the introduction of polymer banknotes. The £5 banknote is the most likely candidate to be switched first as it is the lowest denomination and therefore the most frequently used, however the Bank has also said […]

CBN To Redesign Banknotes

On the heels of a new N50 commemorative note, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) announced its plans to redesign the country’s banknote series this year. Citing the new design as a way to reduce costs and enhance security, the currency changes mark the first full banknote overhaul in the African country since 1973 when […]

VIDEO: Bailiwick of Jersey Introduces New Banknote Series

On Thursday, the bailiwick of Jersey (located in the Channel Islands) introduced a brand new series of banknotes that highlight the region’s unique attributes. Complete with images that chronicle key moments in the island’s history and phrases written in the native Jèrriais – a distinctive brand of French – the banknotes are the first new […]