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Cellulose structures make colors that never fade

Researchers at the University of Cambridge have discovered a way to capture the intense, no-fade colour in a particular plant that could be replace pigments used in industry with natural plant extracts in products. The Pollia condensata plant (sometimes called the marble berry)- a species that grows wild the forests of Ethiopia, Mozambique, Tanzania and other African […]

Bank Indonesia Increases Banknote Security Features

In order to combat counterfeiting, Bank Indonesia (BI) announced this week that it would be upgrading the security features on its banknotes beginning in October. Using a technique called “rainbow printing,” the new banknotes issued by BI are made by using several colours on a single plate that results in a natural blending of the […]

India Switches Rs500 & 1,000 Notes To Blue Paper

After a significant “large-scale circulation of fake notes” throughout India over the past year, the Indian government has decided to begin printing Rs500 and Rs1,000 on special blue security paper to curtail counterfeiting in the region. Blue paper is made by combining cotton and linen fibre with a special dye that only glows under ultraviolet […]

“At Any Given Time, $200M in Bogus US Bills Is In Circulation Worldwide”

The big business of fake money: The new $100 bill is the U.S. government’s latest bid to stay one step ahead of counterfeiters. How widespread is counterfeiting? At any given time, some $200 million in bogus U.S. bills is in circulation worldwide, authorities say. About $60 million of those fakes circulates through the U.S. each […]