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Interior BC Sees Spike In Fake Banknotes

The RCMP British Columbia has asked businesses to be on the lookout for counterfeit banknotes after a recent spike in fake bills hit communities in interior BC this month. According to a report published by the Vernon Morning Star, the RCMP have received 23 complaints of counterfeit currency in communities such as Lake Country, Salmon […]

Old Banknote Series Re-Emerges As Fake In NS

The “Scenes of Canada” banknote series hasn’t been printed in over 30 years, but RCMP in Halifax, Nova Scotia say counterfeit bills mimicking the old series have been popping up recently. The counterfeit notes were predominately $50 bills, though counterfeit $20 bills from the old series have also been reported his week. Const. Tammy Lobb […]

$1M Worth of Bogus Bills Seized in BC

RCMP in Richmond, B.C. seized more than $1 million in fake Canadian $100 bills yesterday breaking up one of the largest counterfeit rings ever in the province. The bogus bills were being produced in an apartment mostly with an inkjet printer. When the RCMP arrived to raid the apartment, the process of manufacturing the bills […]

Famous Swedes Will Grace New Banknotes

A new Swedish banknote series is embracing the “out with the old, in with the new” adage. Nineteenth century singer Jenny Lind, and famed scientist Carl Linnaeus will be among those making way for more contemporary celebrities such as Swedish poet Evert Taube and Hollywood icon Greta Garbo.   Other personalities to be featured on […]

Public Urged to Pay Closer Attention After Counterfeit Seizure in Australia

After a seizure totaling nearly half a million dollars worth of fake banknotes this week, the Australian police are telling people to pay closer attention to their cash. “The notes are a very high quality,” Australian Federal Police (AFP) commander David Steward told the Sydney Morning Herald. “I do want to just encourage people to […]

Counterfeit Seizures Up In Czech Republic

Police forces in the Czech Republic have reported an increase in seized counterfeit bills this year, saying the number of forged banknotes retrieved was up by seven per cent compared to last year. To date, Czech authorities have already seized 5,245 banknotes varying in denomination and value, but the increase doesn’t necessarily translate to an […]

“At Any Given Time, $200M in Bogus US Bills Is In Circulation Worldwide”

The big business of fake money: The new $100 bill is the U.S. government’s latest bid to stay one step ahead of counterfeiters. How widespread is counterfeiting? At any given time, some $200 million in bogus U.S. bills is in circulation worldwide, authorities say. About $60 million of those fakes circulates through the U.S. each […]

South Africa Recalls Old R200 Banknotes Due To Counterfeit Concerns

A month before the World Cup of soccer is set to take place in South Africa, the country’s central bank is recalling its old series of 200-rand banknotes citing a huge prevalence of counterfeits as the primary reason for its withdrawal. “This year we have seen an increased number of counterfeit notes,” said Aboobaker Ismail, […]

“Counterfeiting, A Three-Part Series.” Part 1: A history of counterfeiting

*This article is the first in a three-part series on counterfeiting. The act of counterfeiting is as old as money itself. Plaguing ancient Rome, empirical China, newborn America, and many other nations over the past 2500 years, the illegal activity came hand in hand with the creation of money. Even prior to the invention of […]

ECB: Counterfeit euros up 8 per cent

The European Central Bank (ECB) announced today that the number of fake euro banknotes seized in the last six months rose by eight per cent from the first half of the year. “In the second half of 2009 a total of 447,000 counterfeit euro banknotes were withdrawn from circulation,” an ECB statement said. Though the […]