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India Attempts Crack Down on ‘Financial Terror’

India will put together a ‘financial terror dossier’ this week in an attempt to garner international support in pressuring Pakistan to immobilize a booming counterfeit currency ring that exports bogus Indian banknotes into the country. Since the attacks in Mumbai last November, India has been aggressively building a number of cases against the neighboring Pakistan, […]

“Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Money”

With the US Mint launching the release of a new $1.00 coin in November, Time Magazine drafted this list of top-ten tidbits about money that may surprise you: #1 – The Largest Banknote: Measuring in at roughly the size of a sheet of legal paper, the world’s largest single banknote is the 100,000-peso note created […]

Fortress Paper’s Irisafe.

With counterfeit banknotes, ID papers, and open-air admission tickets becoming increasingly easier to produce and more frequent due to technological advances in scanning and colour printing, the need for security papers that can’t be copied is on the rise. In response to this demand, Fortress Paper has developed Irisafe – a security feature that cannot […]

Helping Protect Financial Integrity

History has shown that our increasing complex financial system faces some unique challenges. Recently, the world of high finance collided with Main Street and the average investor was left to decipher why esoteric instrument such as derivates, swaps, counter-party agreements, packaged subprime loans and credit default swaps were impacting their investments and retirement savings. Overshadowed […]