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Iraq To Introduce New Banknotes In September

This week, the Central Bank of Iraq announced its intentions to redenominate its currency and print a new series of banknotes by September 2012. According to an article published by The Kurdish Globe, the central bank will introduce three new banknotes: 50 dinars, 100 dinars and 200 dinars. The denominations are a change from old […]

France Says Goodbye To The Franc

Ten years after instituting the euro as the national currency, France said goodbye to the franc this weekend. According to the American Foreign Press (AFP), hundreds of people lined up at the offices of France’s central bank on Friday to exchange old francs for euro banknotes as it was the last day mandated by the […]

Scotland Seeks Out Currency Options

In the face of a looming referendum that could see Scotland proclaim its independence from the UK, politicians have begun fielding questions on the issue of the country’s currency. If Scotland gains independence, they will have to choose whether or not to continue using the British pound – the currency used throughout the United Kingdom. […]

Bristol Launches Independent Currency

Traders in Bristol, UK have announced this week they will be launching their own local currency, independent of the British Pound. The Bristol Credit Union and the Bristol Pound Community Interest Company (CIC) are at the helm of the project and anticipate that the new currency will be available by May 2012. The initiative to […]

Year of the Dragon Banknote

The Chinese New Year is less than two weeks away and both the Banco da China and the Banco Nacional Ultramarino have reportedly issued a new 10-pataca (US$1.25) note to commemorate the upcoming Year of the Dragon.  The annual measures were rolled at the start of the year – as Chinese New Year arrives earlier […]

Thai Opposition Party warns government on Currency policy

Politicians in Thailand’s opposition party are warning the government not to force the central bank to print extra currency to cover the country’s public debt, saying this process would simply turn banknotes into “worthless paper.” In their proposed 2012 fiscal plan, the Thai government is attempting to borrow Bt400 billion to finance the budget deficit […]

European Central Banks Look For Contingencies Should Euro End

Central Banks in Europe reportedly evaluating contingency plans for additional printing capacity should the Euro come to an end. According to an article published by, central banks throughout Europe are preparing contingency plans evaluating their needs for additional printing capacity should the euro – a singular currency shared by seventeen countries – come to […]

Local Leaders Call For Cornish Currency

In the face of an economic downturn in the UK, local leaders in Cornwall say the county should develop it’s own currency to protect its economy. Ian Jones, chief executive of Volunteer Cornwall, says the move may be consider a “radical idea,” but argues the move away from the British pound could be beneficial for […]

Swaziland Issues New Banknote Series

Earlier this year, the Central Bank of Swaziland (CBS) – a country on the South-Eastern coast of Africa – announced a major overhaul to their currency. This month, CBS began the rollout of the new banknotes, starting with the E100 note. The change to the currency comes as counterfeiting worldwide becomes easier to effectuate. Colour […]

NEW FEATURES: Pixelating Watermarks

This article is part of a continuing series that looks at security features in development for the security paper industry. One of the most familiar – and recognizable – banknote security features is the watermark. First introduced in the 13th century in Italy, a watermark is an image or pattern on the security paper that […]