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Banknote Company Hired To Upgrade Ontario Bingo Facilities

The company that helped the Bank of Canada design its latest series of polymer banknotes is undertaking a new project that will see them help the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. (OLG) modernize bingo halls throughout the province. The Canadian Bank Note Co. (CBN) recently signed an eight-year contract with OLG create more up-to-date technology […]

China To Start Issuing E-Passports

China will begin issuing electronic passports containing biometric information, such as fingerprints, to citizens on May 15. Officials said the new passports will better protect citizens’ personal data and national security. “In this way, no one can copy or use an e-passport that is lost or stolen,” Tang Lei, head of e-passport management for Beijing […]

US Hits Electronic Passport Milestone

The US Government Printing Office (GPO) announced this week that it has produced a total of 75 million electronic passports, and called the achievement “a milestone.” “This is a significant accomplishment for GPO and one more step forward in our long history of producing the passport for the Department of State,” said Acting Public Printer […]

Nearly 100 Countries Now Issue E-Passports

New statistics released by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) say that nearly 100 countries around the globe are now issuing biometric e-passports. The ICAO is a United Nations agency that oversees international air travel. Its latest report shows not only that 93 out of 193 U.N. member states are currently issuing e-passports, but also […]

UK Airports Scrap Iris Scanners In Favour Of E-Passports

Six years after installing iris recognition scanners at several airports throughout the UK, the region’s border agency will scrap the technology in favour of electronic passports. Iris Recognition Immigration System (IRIS) terminals have already closed at the airports in Birmingham and Manchester, and the remaining terminals at Heathrow and Gatwick will be shut down after […]

St. Kitts and Nevis Introduces Electronic Passports

The government of St. Kitts and Nevis began issuing new electronic passports with heightened security features to citizens of the Carribean community this week. Electronic passports contain a small electronic chip – an RFID chip – embedded in the cover that contains key information about the passport carrier such as their name, gender, date of […]

40,000 E-Passports Already Issued in Canada

Though they won’t be available to the general public until next year, Passport Canada has already issued more than 40,000 new electronic passports to diplomats and government officials. These passports were issued as part of a pilot project that began in 2009 to test the features of Canada’s new e-passports, which, to date, have yielded […]

Heathrow To Introduce Facial Biometric Scanners

London’s Heathrow airport announced this month that it will begin using facial biometric scanners to beef up security at its international flight terminals. The facial recognition scanners will be a second step in a security process installed at Heathrow. Currently, the airport uses the Atkins Passenger Authentication Scanning System (PASS) – a system that maintains […]

Canadian E-Passports Delayed

Canadians expecting to acquire an electronic passport (e-passport) in the near future will have to wait just a little longer. “A proposed national roll-out of electronic passports in Canada has been pushed back for a third time,” according to a new article published by Embassy Magazine. When the plans for a national e-passport were unveiled […]

From First-Generation to Second-Generation E-Passports

Though over 170 countries currently use machine-readable electronic passports, the world has fallen behind the deadline sought by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) to have every country using e-passports by April 2010. The ICAO is a specialized agency of the United Nations that sets the standards for international air transport to ensure safe travels […]