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Saudi Scientists Create Banknotes With RFID Tags

Scientists in Saudi Arabia have created banknotes containing radio frequency identification (RFID) to prevent counterfeiting. In the world of specialty paper, RFID tags or chips are typically associated with electronic passports. Containing a carrier’s biometric information, the RFID chips facilitate faster and more secure passage at border crossings. Researchers at the King Abdullah University of […]

New $50 Canadian Bills Enter Circulation This Week

The Bank of Canada will begin circulating its new $50 polymer banknote this week. The bill is the second in a series of new banknotes the Bank of Canada will introduce over the next two years. The first note, the $100 denomination, was released in November 2011. The new Canadian banknotes feature security devices such […]

Algeria Introduces 2000-Dinar Banknote

Beginning April 28, 2011 the Bank of Algeria will introduce a 2,000-dinar banknote into circulation. This is the highest denomination that will be available to the Algerian public. The bank says the new denomination will be placed into circulation in order to “ease liquidity” but will also to introduce a new series of security features […]

Helpful Holograms

Security features are typically embedded in security documents to prevent them from being forged. From watermarks and security threads on banknotes to radio chips and security paper in electronic passports, these security devices are a benchmark in the fight against counterfeiting. One of the more recent security features making an impact on today’s secure documents […]

Estonia Launches Video Campaigns In Preparation of Adopting Euro

With less than 90 days to go before Estonia converts its currency to the euro, the country has launched a series of ad campaigns depicting the currency’s unifying elements in order to prepare citizens for the changeover. The videos – which can be viewed here – also educate the Estonian public about key security features […]

Football Season Triggers Counterfeit Warnings

With football season back in full swing, some National Football League (NFL) teams are warning fans to be on the lookout for counterfeit tickets. This week, the Superbowl winning New Orleans Saints issued a statement saying fake tickets for their home opener against the Minnesota Vikings were circulating “in the secondary market” – via the […]

UK Unveils E-Passport With New Security Features

In an effort to fight identity theft and fraud, the UK has unveiled a new electronic passport complete with heightened security features and a revamped design. Though the previous UK passport was already equipped with a radio frequency identification (RFID) chip – the device that makes an electronic passport electronic (read more here) – the […]

VIDEO: Bailiwick of Jersey Introduces New Banknote Series

On Thursday, the bailiwick of Jersey (located in the Channel Islands) introduced a brand new series of banknotes that highlight the region’s unique attributes. Complete with images that chronicle key moments in the island’s history and phrases written in the native Jèrriais – a distinctive brand of French – the banknotes are the first new […]

Taking Stock of Tickets

Paper makers like Fortress Paper are most known in the security sector for their production of banknote paper, and rightfully so. At their mill in Landqart, Switzerland, Fortress Paper manufactures some of the world’s most high-tech and highly securitized banknotes for many countries including Switzerland. Specializing in security features for banknotes, Fortress has become a […]

An in-depth look at Canadian banknote security features

Security features for banknotes around the world come in various forms. From holograms, to see through windows, to covert text, banknotes are outfitted with many different high-tech elements that help prevent counterfeiting. This article details the security features specific to the Canadian $20 bill. #1 – Metallic Stripe (holographic stripe): Numbers and two-tone maple leaves […]