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Angola Reserve Bank unveils new currency series

The Angola Reserve Bank unveiled its new currency series this week, which includes new banknotes and coins. Officials from the Reserve Bank say the new notes are equipped with new security features that will help prevent counterfeiting. “The bills bear codes of high standards of trust and more durability,” reported. The new notes are […]

ECB Unveils New 5 Euro Banknote

Officials from the European Central Bank (ECB) unveiled their new €5 banknote this week at a ceremony in Germany. The €5 banknote is the first in a new series that will be launched over the coming years. As with many new series, the focus of the new euros will be on increased security features to […]

South Africa Circulates Mandela Notes, Canada Circulates New Twenties Next Week

Both South Africa and Canada are getting set to release their latest banknotes next week. The Reserve Bank of South Africa will be introducing an entirely new series of notes spanning five denominations, while the Bank of Canada will be introducing a new $20 note – the third in its new polymer series. The new […]

Angola To Release New Banknote Series In 2013

The Angola Reserve Bank (BNA) announced this week they would release a new banknote series “early in 2013.” The decision to issue a new series was approved by the National Assembly and passed into law by a majority vote of 155 to 15. According to AngolaPress, one of the biggest selling points for the new […]

Jamaica Introduces New Banknotes

In celebration of the country’s Golden Jubilee, the Bank of Jamaica (BOJ) introduced a special series of 50th anniversary commemorative banknotes this week. The series will consist of the five denominations currently in circulation: the $5000, $1000, $500, $100 and $50 and will feature the national logo for the 50th anniversary of independence. The notes […]

Bank Of Namibia To Introduce New Banknote Series

The Bank of Namibia announced this week that it will release a new series of banknotes on March 21. The new series will cover the N$10, N$20, N$50, N$100 and N$200 banknotes, and will be equipped with heightened security features to prevent counterfeiting. These new banknotes will also feature a change in design. The portrait […]

Thailand Introduces New Banknote Series

The Bank of Thailand introduced the first banknote in their new series this week. The new 50-Baht note remains similar in size and colour to the old version, but like the rest of the notes that will be released over the next several years, it also contains increased security features. Among existing features, the new […]

UAE Introduces New Dh500 Banknote Into Circulation

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) will introduce a new Dh500 banknote into circulation this week equipped with new security features. Officials from the UAE Central Bank say that the new banknote was necessary not only to stay on top of counterfeit efforts in the region but also to meet the demand of a growing population. […]

Ethopia To Replace 50Br and 100 Br Banknotes

The National Bank of Ethopia (NBE) accepted three offers from European companies last week who were vying for a contract to replace several denominations of the country’s current series of banknotes. The UK’s De La Rue Currency, Germany’s Giesecke & Devrient, and France’s Francois-Charles Oberthur submitted technical offers to print an order of 50 Br […]

The Central Bank of Swaziland (CBS) will upgrade the entire series of banknotes.

Starting with the E100 note, the Central Bank of Seaziland will role out the banknote upgrade in stages. The banknotes available locally are E10, E20, E50, E100 and E200. 
 As all monies in circulation locally are deposited with the CBS, the old currency is expected to be phased out gradually. Governor, Martin Dlamini said […]