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South Africa Circulates Mandela Notes, Canada Circulates New Twenties Next Week

Both South Africa and Canada are getting set to release their latest banknotes next week. The Reserve Bank of South Africa will be introducing an entirely new series of notes spanning five denominations, while the Bank of Canada will be introducing a new $20 note – the third in its new polymer series. The new […]

Bank of Canada Set To Release New $20 Note

The Bank of Canada will continue with its new polymer banknote series by releasing the new $20 bill in less than a month. The new banknote – set for release on November 7 – is the third bill in Canada’s new polymer series. The $50 and $100 bills were released earlier this year. Polymer notes […]

Banknote Company Hired To Upgrade Ontario Bingo Facilities

The company that helped the Bank of Canada design its latest series of polymer banknotes is undertaking a new project that will see them help the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. (OLG) modernize bingo halls throughout the province. The Canadian Bank Note Co. (CBN) recently signed an eight-year contract with OLG create more up-to-date technology […]

Bank Of Canada Unveils New $20 Bill This Week

The Bank of Canada is set to unveil its new $20 bill this week, the third in its series of new polymer banknotes. The new $20 note will feature an updated portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the front and the Canadian National Vimy Memorial on the back. According to a press release, the design […]

New $50 Canadian Bills Enter Circulation This Week

The Bank of Canada will begin circulating its new $50 polymer banknote this week. The bill is the second in a series of new banknotes the Bank of Canada will introduce over the next two years. The first note, the $100 denomination, was released in November 2011. The new Canadian banknotes feature security devices such […]

$1M Worth of Bogus Bills Seized in BC

RCMP in Richmond, B.C. seized more than $1 million in fake Canadian $100 bills yesterday breaking up one of the largest counterfeit rings ever in the province. The bogus bills were being produced in an apartment mostly with an inkjet printer. When the RCMP arrived to raid the apartment, the process of manufacturing the bills […]

New Canadian Bills Cost Banks $100M

Canada’s new series of polymer banknotes will cost banks and financial institutions nearly $100 million according to the Bank of Canada. That price tag reflects the modifications that will need to be made to sorting and counting machines that are used across the country to handle money, says Julie Girard, spokeswoman for the Bank of […]

Examining The Benefits Of Polymer Banknotes

This week, Canada was introduced a new $100 polymer banknote marking the first time polymer has been used for a banknote series in the country. The switch from a cotton-paper blend to the plastic substrate hybrid is a change many countries have made since 1988 because these types of banknotes contain many advantages. A big […]

Businesses Critique New Canadian Polymer Bills

Canada’s first polymer banknote officially enters into circulation today, and though they are more durable and secure, small businesses are criticizing the new notes. The problem with the new $100 banknotes lies in its design, according to Ted Brosnan, president of John Poulet Cheque Writer Service. The see-through security features could lead to problems with […]

Behind The Scenes of the New Canadian Banknote – Part 2

With just a few weeks to go before the first banknotes from Canada’s new series enters into circulation, here’s another article detailing a behind the scenes look at the development of the new polymer notes. While a major goal of developing a new banknote series is to enhance security features, the design of the series […]