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Interior BC Sees Spike In Fake Banknotes

The RCMP British Columbia has asked businesses to be on the lookout for counterfeit banknotes after a recent spike in fake bills hit communities in interior BC this month. According to a report published by the Vernon Morning Star, the RCMP have received 23 complaints of counterfeit currency in communities such as Lake Country, Salmon […]

$1M Worth of Bogus Bills Seized in BC

RCMP in Richmond, B.C. seized more than $1 million in fake Canadian $100 bills yesterday breaking up one of the largest counterfeit rings ever in the province. The bogus bills were being produced in an apartment mostly with an inkjet printer. When the RCMP arrived to raid the apartment, the process of manufacturing the bills […]

An in-depth look at Canadian banknote security features

Security features for banknotes around the world come in various forms. From holograms, to see through windows, to covert text, banknotes are outfitted with many different high-tech elements that help prevent counterfeiting. This article details the security features specific to the Canadian $20 bill. #1 – Metallic Stripe (holographic stripe): Numbers and two-tone maple leaves […]