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Future of Canada’s Forestry Sector is Renewable

by CHAD WASILENKOFF Push aside dated notions of our global forestry sector as dominated by lumberjacks focused solely on logging trees and processing the wood. Today’s forests are increasingly high-tech with employees skilled in biochemistry, genetics, computer modeling, satellite imagery, and digital processing. Today’s bio-economy is a dynamic global market that mirrors a paradigm shift […]

RISI: “Pulp Growth Ain’t Pulp Fiction – Embracing New Opportunities”

While “pulp fiction” may resonate with the hearts and minds of people, the wood pulp business sector sometimes results in a “hollow” response. While readers would not be able to turn the pages of their pulp fiction books or enjoy their cotton and rayon clothing without their wood pulp brethren, the pulp sector is often […]

Pulp and Paper Canada: “Thurso’s Future Secure with Fortress”

There’s a new kid on the block and he’s playing by a different set of rules. Brimming with confidence, enthusiasm, and steadfast resolution to succeed, Fortress Paper offers a fresh perspective for Canada’s pulp and paper sector. With its recent acquisition of the idled Thurso pulp mill located in the Outaouais region of western Quebec, […]

Solidarity Fund QFL Helps Reopen Thurso Pulp Mill and 290 Jobs Will be Recalled

MONTREAL – With a $15 million investment, the Solidarity Fund QFL (the “Fund”) is playing an active role in the re-opening of the pulp mill in Thurso, in the Outaouais region. The project is part of an acquisition of the old Fraser Paper mill, which shut down in June 2009, by Fortress Specialty Cellulose Inc., […]

$18M infusion for Thurso pulp mill

The Thurso pulp mill is hoping for a second life with the approval by Hydro-Québec of a cogration project using wood waste to produce electricity for the state-owned utility. Vancouver’s Fortress Paper Inc. will invest just $18 million of its own money for the $153 million conversion of the mothballed Thurso pulp mill near Gatineau, Que., […]

Key Figures In The Development of Rayon

Transforming dissolving pulp to rayon since its discovery hasn’t been an overnight process. Many key figures have been instrumental in the “invention” of rayon over the past 150 years. This article takes an in-depth look at some of the crucial innovators for this fabric. The fact that nitrocellulose is soluble in organic solvents such as […]

Rayon is Fortress’s True Story

Most investors cringe and run when they learn that the company they’ve invested in is abruptly changing course. That explains why Fortress Paper shares were bruised last Friday, after the company announced that it was buying a pulp mill from a bankrupt operator in Quebec. Fortress is a smart little company that literally makes money. […]

What Is Rayon?

This week, Vancouver-based paper maker Fortress Paper announced a new venture (read “Fortress Paper Announces An Acquisition To Enter The Specialty Cellulose and Bio Energy Sectors”) acquiring a mill in Thurso, Quebec with the intention of transforming wood pulp into specialty cellulose. Derived from dissolving wood pulp to its organic core, specialty cellulose is a […]