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Saudi Scientists Create Banknotes With RFID Tags

Scientists in Saudi Arabia have created banknotes containing radio frequency identification (RFID) to prevent counterfeiting. In the world of specialty paper, RFID tags or chips are typically associated with electronic passports. Containing a carrier’s biometric information, the RFID chips facilitate faster and more secure passage at border crossings. Researchers at the King Abdullah University of […]

Heathrow To Introduce Facial Biometric Scanners

London’s Heathrow airport announced this month that it will begin using facial biometric scanners to beef up security at its international flight terminals. The facial recognition scanners will be a second step in a security process installed at Heathrow. Currently, the airport uses the Atkins Passenger Authentication Scanning System (PASS) – a system that maintains […]

From First-Generation to Second-Generation E-Passports

Though over 170 countries currently use machine-readable electronic passports, the world has fallen behind the deadline sought by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) to have every country using e-passports by April 2010. The ICAO is a specialized agency of the United Nations that sets the standards for international air transport to ensure safe travels […]

E-Passport Revenues Expected To Soar Over Next Four Years: Report

A new report from US-based research firm Acuity Market Intelligence says the the global e-passport market is expected to reach annual revenues of US$7 billion by the end of 2014 as e-passports continue to grow in popularity worldwide. Acuity projects Europe’s market shares to drop in the industry from 49 per cent to 20 per […]

Canada To Launch ePassports In 2012

Passport Canada announced this week they would be preparing themselves for the launch of electronic passports in 2012. Like many other electronic passports, the physical appearance of the passport will not change a whole lot. The biggest change comes in the form of a small electronic chip – an RFID chip – embedded in the […]

What are RFID Chips?

Over the past few years, radio-frequency identification (RFID) chips have become a staple in information storage and protection. Generally used for tracking particular products in a retail environment, for automatic electronic payments, and for animal identification on large farms, RFID technology has been brought to the attention of the public over the past few years […]

London airport introduces biometric scanners

London’s Stansted Airport has begun using biometric e-passport gates that use facial recognition technology to process incoming passengers. Passengers with new e-passports traveling to the UK via Stansted can use the Autogates, which scan their face and check their passport photo in seconds – both helping to save time in line and provide a more […]

What are ePassports?

From news of the technologically advanced New Zealand passports, to the recent multi-million dollar contract awarded to Vancouver-based Fortress Paper to produce over two million ePassports over the next five years, the shift to electronic passports is happening on a global scale. What makes ePassports “electronic” is Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) – a small electronic device […]