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China To Start Issuing E-Passports

China will begin issuing electronic passports containing biometric information, such as fingerprints, to citizens on May 15. Officials said the new passports will better protect citizens’ personal data and national security. “In this way, no one can copy or use an e-passport that is lost or stolen,” Tang Lei, head of e-passport management for Beijing […]

US Hits Electronic Passport Milestone

The US Government Printing Office (GPO) announced this week that it has produced a total of 75 million electronic passports, and called the achievement “a milestone.” “This is a significant accomplishment for GPO and one more step forward in our long history of producing the passport for the Department of State,” said Acting Public Printer […]

Tackling Counterfeit Transit Passes

A report by Edmonton’s city auditor, David Wiun, said the city lost nearly $30,000 last winter due to a rash of counterfeit transit passes. Wiun’s report comes on the heels of an investigation by the Edmonton police, Edmonton Transit Service and the city’s corporate security department, all of whom had been following leads and tips […]

From First-Generation to Second-Generation E-Passports

Though over 170 countries currently use machine-readable electronic passports, the world has fallen behind the deadline sought by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) to have every country using e-passports by April 2010. The ICAO is a specialized agency of the United Nations that sets the standards for international air transport to ensure safe travels […]

Experts Predict More Biometric Checks In Airports

Passengers looking for quicker processing times at airports around the world will be happy to know that experts in technology, defense, and travel are predicting a significant increase in biometric checks in airports around the globe in the coming years. Using devices like retina, finger and facial scans, biometric checks not only provide a speedier […]

Turkey To Introduce Biometric Passports June 1

The Turkish Foreign Ministry announced this week that biometric passports would be introduced to the country on June 1. Though all citizens are not required to switch to the new passports right away, those who wish to do so can begin the application process as soon as May 23. Turkey’s biometric passport will contain information […]

VIDEO: A Look At New Zealand’s E-Passport

New Zealand’s TV One News takes a look at the country’s newly issued e-passport. This passport is considered to be one of the most highly secure, highly technological e-passports in the world. To learn more about e-passports read some of our previous blog posts like “What are E-Passports?”, “What are RFID Chips?, and Fortress Paper […]

Canada To Launch ePassports In 2012

Passport Canada announced this week they would be preparing themselves for the launch of electronic passports in 2012. Like many other electronic passports, the physical appearance of the passport will not change a whole lot. The biggest change comes in the form of a small electronic chip – an RFID chip – embedded in the […]