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New Video Podcast Educates Public About Banknote Security Features

A new video podcast series released by the United States government is aimed at helping businesses and consumers protect themselves against counterfeit currency. Initially created for the website – a site used to educate the public about the new $100 US bill – the podcasts are a visual resource in which people can learn […]

New Scottish Series Wins Best New Banknote at IACA

A new series of Scottish banknotes celebrating Scotland’s heritage, people and culture took home for award for Best New Banknote at the International Association of Currency Affairs (IACA) Excellence in Currency Awards last month. The banknotes are not only complete with a rich pictorial history, they are also specially designed for the visually impaired using […]

VIDEO: Bailiwick of Jersey Introduces New Banknote Series

On Thursday, the bailiwick of Jersey (located in the Channel Islands) introduced a brand new series of banknotes that highlight the region’s unique attributes. Complete with images that chronicle key moments in the island’s history and phrases written in the native Jèrriais – a distinctive brand of French – the banknotes are the first new […]

A Closer Look At The New US $100 Bill’s Security Features

The new US $100 banknote is being called “the next generation one hundred” by the US Treasury Department. Along with a redesign of the bill’s graphic layout and the addition of some colour, several new security features have been added to the bill while some old ones maintain their presence. The newest, and arguably the […]